August 1, 2011

Team Arena

  • Character level: veteran and above (musketeer and/or elementalist recommended)
  • 6 players (3 yours and 3 opposite team) to start Team Arena
Location: The Reboldoeux Queen's Gate, Arena Mercenary npc, G9

  • Any random constellation symbol (rare);
  • 92, 96, 100 or Vet Enchantment Chips (100 & Vet chips rare);
  • High Quality Ruby,Sapphire or Emerald;
  • Archangel's Heart, Seeds of Rafflesia or Siren's Scale recipe (rare);
  • Level 100 equipment;
  • 1-2 random ring (low level rings only);
  • Mystic Ampules/Invisible Potions/Magical RES Potions/Mind RES Potions;
  • Red, yellow, green or blue ore (rare from monsters).
How to win?..
Upon entering TA, you will be given items that only exist and are available in TA. These include but are not limited to:
Team Arena Soul Crystals, of which you will receive 15,
Base Return Sheets, of which you will receive 10, and
Coins, of which you will receive 30 per player for TA3, and 15 per player for TA1.

Destroy 3 levels of opposition's base defense, earn arena coins (you can use them to upgrade your team). There is no reason to buy buffs below 10 level.
1 level: Scylla (lifeless type), each drop 100 Arena Coin;
2 level: King of Greed (undead type), each drop 300 Arena Coin;
3 level: Gate - summon monsters, they contribute to Dilos’ HP regeneration rate and all of them must be taken out before facing Dilos
Final boss: Dilos Latemn

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