September 27, 2011

Alliance War Royalist Party

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Secret Society: Esmero

Prerequisite: Family level 20 and above

Reward: Secret Society: Esmero promotion, Esmero medal (Ctrl + L), Veteran G EXP Card x3, Veteran Enchantment Chip x5, Damaged Ancient Glazium x2, Medal of Honor.

1. Quest given automatically once you join (or already member of) Royalist's faction and moving any town
2. Go Cite de Reboldoeux and talk to Sir Lyndon
3. Kill Gray Wolf boss in Fury Farm (once per week faction mission). Only one squad, which deal most damage, will get kill count.
4. Talk to Sir Lyndon.
5. Go Byron and talk to Veronif.
6. Bring 2x Devil's Skull, 2x Gavi di Gavi's Targa Iron Piece and Sabertiger's Mustache
Sabertiger's Mustache can be found by killing Sabel Tiger in Fury Rafflesia faction mission.
Devil's Skull can be found by killing Skullic General
Gavi di Gavi's Targa Iron Piece can be found by killing Gavi di Gavi
Note: both Devil's Skull and Gavi di Gavi's Targa Iron Piece can found in Vergo the Cursed instace mission or Fury Vergo the Cursed.
For Vergo the Cursed instace mission you need Platinum Hammer and Key for mission from "black market boy" Auch G7

7. Return to Veronif.
8. Go Cite de Reboldoeux and speak to Sir Lyndon.
9. Change channel/barracks to proceed with quest.
10. Talk to Sir Lyndon
11. Change channel/barracks and talk to Lyndon again
12. Go to Thueringen Lakeside (outside City of Auch)
13. Defeat all enemies, move to D4, defeat new spawned enemies and scout will appear. Kill scout.
14. Report to Lyndon.
15. Go Villa de Libertad (City of Auch). Cannot proceed with the quest if Valeria is included in MCC.
16. After instance return to Sir Lyndon. You will be moved to combat instance.
17. Talk to Sir Lyndon. You need to wait 1 day to proceed with quest.
18. Talk to Lyndon.
19. Bring 10x 'Seal of Pioneer Level 9' to Lyndon.
20. Talk to Sir Lyndon to become Esmero.
Byron, Clock Tower: Esmero
Prerequisite: completed Clock Tower quest

Reward: Clock Tower Entrance Pass (you dont need to pay Elemental Jewel anymore)

1. After completing previous quest (got Esmero promotion) move to any town/barracks to trigger this quest
2. Go to Cide de Reboldoeux, Reception Hall (E3) and talk to Princess Gabriella

Completing this quest will allow you to do NPC Brown's Daily Quest. Also after a faction has been promoted, all of its members (even those who have not completed the individual secret society quest yet) will have access to Tierra De La Sed to get buff. A promoted faction will also have the ability to increase its faction level beyond level 52, which then gives [Blessing of the Faction] buff.

Every 5 faction members that completes the individual secret society quest will give 1 level to the faction. Each level will give all faction members 2% Monster Blow damage. So for example, if 30 members has completed the individual quests, Faction Level reaches 58 that gives (2% x 6 levels = 12% Monster Blow damage).


  1. If a lv20 family joins Esmero society, then reduces family level to 15 by making mercenaries... does he still count towards the faction level buff? What about other society benefits like NPC Brown quests, Clock Tower free entry?

  2. 1) I think, he will counts. 2) Dont know.

  3. Excuse me but... How can I make my clan Esmero? I've been looking for long time and don't find anything... Please help me!

  4. what i have to do if i talk to sir lyndon, nothing happens..... -.-


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