September 13, 2011

Martial Arts sidequest

Part 1
Prerequisite: Completed all martial artists recruitment quest, Martial Arts Compendium stance quest

Reward: Veteran B EXP Card x15, Epic Grade Glazium x15

1. Talk to Andre with any martial artist as leader
2. Go to Bahia Port and talk Feng Ling
3. Defeat Feng Ling in instanced combat mission (MCC1 only)
4. Talk to Feng Ling
5. Go to City of Auch and talk to Bai Hu, you will be moved to instance
6. Speak with Jean-Pierre Gascon triple times. You will be moved to combat instance: kill rats [Big Riots 1].
7. Talk to Jean-Pierre and kill rats again [Big Riots 2]
8. Kill rats util Vicente Rio dialogue appear, defeat him [Big Riots 3]. Return to Jean-Pierre
9. Go Port of Coimbra and talk to Gracielo (H9). He will say that he busy. Keep talking to him. You will be warped to instance combat mission. Within mission defeat Gracielo.
10. Talk to Gracielo after combat instance.
11. Bring chocolate, ferrucio milk and bread to Gracielo. Note: you can buy all from Girl (Queen Gate F11) and Lisa Lynway.
12. Talk to Irawan (G7).
13. Select 2nd (free) option and defeat bandits in combat instance.
14. Talk to Irawan
15. Select 2nd (free) option, defeat Coimbra Footman and talk to Nunez in combat inctance
16. Speak to Irawan
17. Go to Cite de Reboldoeux and talk to Andre to finish this part.

Part 2
Prerequisite: Completed part 1, quest will continue automatically after going barrack and visiting any town (Reboldoeux, Coimbra or Auch)
Bai Hu, Feng Ling, Jean-Pierre Gascon, Irawan or Gracielo as leader (Soho The Wind cannot be used)

Reward: Veteran G EXP Card x6, Epic Grade Glazium x3

1. Go to Byron (I7), and talk to Militia Leader, Wheelton with any martial artist as leader.
2. Kill monsters in combat instance until timer reach 00:00
3. Talk to Wheelton
4. Talk to Thief Taikbin (G5)
5. Defeat all thugs in combat instance
6. Return to Taikbin
7. Travel to Lucifer Castle, Basement Laboratory (D8) and talk to June with any martial artist as leader.
8. Give 1 Liquefied Gas to June

Bait Box at the Crow Forest (Repeatable)
Reward: Veteran G EXP Card x3

Check bait 5 box and report to June in Lucifer Castle: Basement Laboratory

June's Memory

Reward: Veteran G EXP Card x3, 2000 reputation points
Game version 9.5

0. Complete "Bait Box at the Crow Forest"
1. Talk to June with martial artist as leader
2. Watch story about Fritz's past
3. Talk to June


  1. Excelente...!!! Gracias

  2. Part 2 STW cannot be used...

  3. "June's Memory" you have to use an MMA to do the 10 to 15 times bait box part?....because I haven't been and I am up to 21 times that I have been there and still at 21/2000 favor

    1. i dont know what will happen, when favor hit max

  4. Great post thanks for sharing such informative post.
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    Keep it Up

  5. how to start "June's Memory" part??


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