September 22, 2011


Basic Information
Initial Level: 60
Promotion: +30 DEX
Team: Hidden Truth
Job Skill: Cat's Eye
100 SP, 3 Mithridart
Self Buff
Cast 0.7, Action 1.3, Cooldown 5
Level 10: For 180 sec Penetration +20, Accuracy +20
Level 11: For 195 sec Penetration +22, Accuracy +22, ATK Rating +1
Level 12: For 210 sec Penetration +24, Accuracy +24, ATK Rating +1
Armor:Leather (Fighter)
Gloves:Gloves(Normal), Gloves(Leather)
Shoes:Boots(Normal), Boots(Leather)
Belt:Belt(Normal), Belt(Leather)
Weapon(s)Stance 1Stance 2Stance 3Stance 4Stance 5
CrossbowArbalesterSagitta (V)Shadow Sting (E)
Dagger + DaggerCorte Duplicado

Recruitment quest
Young Soldier
Prerequisite: None, recommended level: 48

Reward: Calyce Character Card

1. Talk to Calyce (Port of Coimbra → Pegadilla (B9)).
2. Talk to the Mercenary soldier to be transported to an instance.
3. Defeat the pirates.
4. Talk to the Mercenary soldier again and give him 25 Mystery Powders or 150 Shiny Crystal.
5. Travel to Cite de Reboldoeux, Reception Hall (E3).
6. Talk to Princess Gabriella.
7. Return to Calyce for reward.

Calyce's Sagitta Stance Book Quest: 
does not work with Merc'd character
1. Fateful Meeting
Prerequisite: Completed recruitment quest, added Calyce to barracks, added Calyce as team leader.

Reward: Crossbow, Lv. 60 H EXP Card (436,000 exp) x3

1. Talk to Calyce.
2. Travel to City of Auch.
3. Talk to Jean-Pierre Gascon (G8).
4. Talk to Jean-Pierre again to be moved to a non combat instance.
5. Talk to Jean-Pierre a 3rd time.
6. Travel to Port of Coimbra, The Pegadilla.
7. Talk to Gerar Loren.
8. Change leader to anyone other than Calyce.
9. Return to Calyce for reward.

2. Beginning of the Truth
Prerequisite: Completed previous quest, added Calyce (any level) as team leader.

Reward: Sagitta Stance Book

1. Travel to Port of Coimbra, The Pegadilla.
2. Talk to Gerar Loren.
3. Talk to the Mercenary soldier.
4. Travel to Porto Bello Deserted Quay.
5. Move to F2 not far from Treasure Chest of the Quay and follow dialogue.
6. Activate the Otite Perfume given in step 3 (Quest tab).
7. Talk to Mamons (E3) to be moved to a combat instance.
8. Defeat Mamons (Level 100).
9. Talk to Mamons.
10. Travel to Port of Coimbra.
11. Enter the Sea Elephant Cafe (F9).
12. Talk to Gerar and Jean-Pierre.
13. Remove Calyce from team.
14. Travel to City of Auch.
15. Talk to Jean-Pierre Gascon.
16. Add Calyce back to team.
17. Travel to Porto Bello Deserted Quay.
18. Talk to Mamons to be moved to a combat instance.
19. Move to green arrow. [Calyce will be only character active]
20. Let Calyce take damage.
21. Select another team leader. [Calyce will be deactivated]
22. Move to green arrow.
23. Speak to Fritz to gain Sagitta Stance book.

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