September 15, 2011


Basic Information
Initial Level: 60
Promotion: +30 DEX
Team: Crossed Destiny
Job Skill: Shadow Trigger
100 SP, 3 Mithridart
Self Buff (trigger type)
Cast 0, Action 0.2, Cooldown 0
Level 10: Immunity +5, DR Rating +1 or Penetration +5, AR Rating +1
Level 11: Immunity +6, DR Rating +1 or Penetration +6, AR Rating +1
Level 12: Immunity +7, DR Rating +1 or Penetration +7, AR Rating +1
Armor:Leather (Fighter)
Weapon(s)Stance 1Stance 2Stance 3Stance 4Stance 5
PistolAiming ShotFreestyle ShotSight Shot (V)Wanted (E)
Pistol + PistolDouble-Gun ShotOutrage Shot (V)
RapierEpee GardeSabre Garde
Rapier + PistolAdvance Garde (V)
2 × RapierRapiere (E)
Go for +30 STR on promotion if you want use him with Rapiere stance.

Recruitment quest
1. Joaquin Supression
Prerequisite: Complete Bahama quests, cannot have Kurt or Edward in MCC team, characters level Expert

Reward: Triumph Filler (Event) x3, Health Regen Potion x10, Soul Regen Potion x10, Epic Grade Glazium x3, Family Reputation +460
1. Given automatically upon completion of The Ten Nobles and changing channel.
2. Talk to Pioneering Officer.
3. Select option 2 to be moved to a combat instance.
4. Destroy the 2 colonies.
5. Speak to Pioneering Officer for reward.

2. Simon Ayende's Call 3
Prerequisite: Complete previous quest.

1. Go to Villa de Libertad.
2. Talk to Simon Ayende.
3. Decide how you will treat Garcia when you find him.
4. Complete remaining subquests.
5. Speak to Simon for reward.

2a. In Search for the Unknown Men-Women With Glove
Prerequisite: Talked to Simon Ayende.

Reward: Adds next quest

1. Quest given along with Simon Ayende's Call 3.
2. Travel to Ferruccio Wall.
3. Move to F2 to be moved to a combat instance.
4. Assist Garcia and Selva in killing the Snow Storm Apparition.
5. Speak to Selva for reward.

2b. Ryrin's Heart
Prerequisite: Complete previous quest.

Reward: Epic Grade Glazium x3, Family Reputation +250

1. Quest given automatically.
2. Travel to The Frozen Plain.
3. Speak to Invierno (D7).
4. Move to cave at E6.
5. Drag 1x Ghost Nucleus to any of the Ryrin's Heart.
6. KillSnow Storm Apparition that spawns to gain Cursed Crystal.
7. Repeat process until you have 10.
8. Collect 50x Ice Crystal and 50x Philosopher Stone from monsters in the snow region.
9. Speak to Invierno for reward.

2c. Showdown in the Snowfield
Prerequisite: Complete previous quest.

Reward: Wise man's Necklace (3 day), Epic Grade Glazium x3, Family Reputation +250

1. Quest given automatically.
2. You will be moved into a combat instance.
3. Kill Montoro, Selva and Garcia will assist you.
4. After dialogue Montoro will leave and spawn various snowfield monsters.
5. Kill all the monsters until final dialogue opens.
6. Speak to Invierno for reward.

2d. Seal Novia
Prerequisite: Complete previous quest.

1. Quest given automatically.
2. Travel to Snowfield of the Ice Wizard. *must be in channel 1*
3. Run to statue located at K5.
4. Speak to statue only if entrance to The Ice Wizard's Tower is not opened.
5. Enter The Ice Wizard's Tower.
6. Slowly step forward until you trigger mission message. Accept to be transported to an instance.
7. Kill Novia, and her 3 summons. Montoro is optional.
8. Return to Invierno for reward.

Quest Hint:
Within the mission, you receive a special buff that grants 5 AR and 5 DR bonus, proceed to defeat Novia and company. Novia is lvl130 with 67 AR/DR in this mission. She is weak to Lightning, but can be defeated by any character combination with the right strategy. There is quite a bit of drama after her hitpoints are reduced to 50%, and the mission will fail if time runs out before the NPCs finish talking, so try to finish the mission with as much time left as possible

2e. Rescue Garcia
Prerequisite: Complete previous quest.

Reward: Gavin Character Card

1. Collect the items needed to make the Katovic soup.
10 Golden Apple - Katovic Snowfield or Frozen Plain - Eltetah
10 Cabbage - Katovic Snowfield - Arctic Lazim-lam
50 Wolf Meat - Katovic Snowfield - Arctic Wolf
50 Beets - The Frozen Plain - Arctic Dandelion Gorilla
2. Collect 10x Philosopher Stone from any area in the Katovic region.
3. Return to Invierno for reward.

Note: If you have not done the Trace of Cruelty quest in the Katovic questline, you will not be able to proceed to this part. This quest gives you access to the bowl needed to make the soups.


  1. Btw, I didn't finish Katovic Soup Quest and I straight giving Invierno katovic Soup and Philoshoper Stone but I didn't receive Gavin Card :( can you help me ?

    1. Same here.. dafuq is happening

    2. Speak with Simon Ayende afterwards to receive Gavin card :)

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  4. Um... Hi. I just can't complete this quest. I did Ryrin's Heart part. And get a combat. But I did not get a chance to kill anyone like in description, and when I speak to Invierno, he "we have to stop montoro and seal Novia in the Tower of the Ice Wizard. We must make haste."When I go to Snowfield of the Ice Wizard to frozen girl - she won't let me in.