September 21, 2011


Basic Information
Initial Level: 20
Promotion: +30 STR
Team: Hope on the New Continent
Job Skill: Sprint
100 SP, 3 Mithridart
Self Buff
Cast: 1.1, Action: 1.1, Cooldown 30
Level 10: For 15 movement speed +100%
Level 11: For 16 movement speed +105%
Level 12: For 17 movement speed +110%
Armor:Leather (Fighter)
Gloves:Gloves(Normal), Gloves(Leather)
Shoes:Boots(Normal), Boots(Leather)
Belt:Belt(Normal), Belt(Leather)
Weapon(s)Stance 1Stance 2Stance 3Stance 4Stance 5
Main-gaucheMiddle-GuardLow-Guard (V)Back-Guard
2 × Main-gaucheBloody Feast (E)
SwordPlow-GuardRoof-GuardSidewinder (V)Hanging Guard (E)

Recruitment quest
1. A Girl in Danger!
Prerequisite: None, recommended level: 8

Reward: Lv. 1 D EXP Card (360 exp) x3, Shiny Crystal x1, Family Reputation +50

1. Go Reboldoeux Queen's Gate (F11) and talk to Ramiro.
2. Select 2nd option to be moved to a combat instance.
3. Move forward to the girl in danger.
4. Survive until the timer reaches 0:00, Ramiro will come and assist.
5. Speak to Ramiro for reward.
*Note: This quest is a preview of the Trinity series Mission Lobby.*

2. Young Girl's Photo
Prerequisite: Complete previous quest

Reward: Ramiro Character Card, Shiny Crystal x1, Family Reputation +50

1. Talk to Ramiro.
2. Select either option 1 or 2 to be moved to a combat instance.
3. Defeat Ramiro.
4. Speak to Ramiro for reward.

Superior Hurdy-Gurdy Costume
Prerequisite: Ramiro veteran+ level, Ramiro in team
Reward: Shiny crystal, Superior Hurdy-Gurdy Costume (+10 STR)

1. Talk to Lisa Lynway with Ramiro as leader. You will be moved to combat mission, outcome doesn't matter.
2. Talk to Jack at Reboldoeux Stone Pit
3. Destroy Fallen Rock to collect 10 [Construction Rock] at mission
4. Talk to Jack after collerting [Construction Rock]
5. Go talk to Andre (Reboldoeux D8)
6. Bring to Andre these items: level 84 Gladiator's Armor, Capezzolo di Pericolo, Corsair Rosso, Clara Mago and Rosa Matrimonio. Note: All items can be bought at Andre's Costume shop (9.6m for all).
7. Talk to Claude Baudez
8. Find and kill 3 area boss and return to Claude:
Sabel Tiger at Ustiur Zona
Golden Spider at Lago Celeste (K4) [Ferruccio Junction → Lago Celeste]
Phobitan General at Topolo Durga
9. Talk to Emilia
10. Talk to Lisa, give 2 white gold bars and 50 Shiny crystal

History: v8.11+ - 2 White Gold bar & 50 Shiny Crystal
             before v8.11 - Hurdy-Gurdy Costume, 20 Mystery Powders


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