May 20, 2012

Auch Infantry Sub-quest

Prerequisite: finished Auch Infantry recruitment quest, Auch Infantry in team
Reward: Epic Grade Glazium x3, Veteran B EXP Card x3
Version 9.5?

1. Talk to Auch Soldier (City of Auch H11)
2. Go ask what happen to Isabella the Cake Girl (G9)
3. Talk to the Boy on the staircase (G9). Investigate who stole the cake...
4. Talk to the Girl near the staircase (H9).
5. Talk to the Girl next to the Corridor (E9).
6. Go to Thueringen Lakeside (E4) by following the "little thief"
7. Defeat Coimbran scoundrels. Auch Soldier will come to arrest them.
8. Go back to City of Auch and talk to Auch Soldier (H11) for reward.

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  1. Eh, is it possible to put it in "sub quest" category?