June 22, 2012

Grace Bernelli Sub-quest

Prerequisite: finished Grace Bernelli recruitment quest and Grace's Prison de Joaquin Quest
Items needed within the quest: -
Reward: Epic Grade Glazium x3, Veteran B EXP Card x6, Veteran G EXP Card x2
Version 10.6

1. Talk to Grace Bernelli
2. Go to B6 - Prison de Joaquin, Schivarliere. Investigate corpse in mission.
3. Return to Bernelli.
4. Go to E2/F2 - Ferruccio Wall (Town→The Lava Plateau of Joaquin→Scorching Plateau→Ferruccio Wall)
5. Go to E8 - Katovic Snowfield and talk to Derrick
6. Find alchemist in Auch (G6).

7. Gather ingridients for Derrick's medicine:
  • Chilly Essence x30 from Eltetah (Katovic Snowfield)
  • Heart of Spector x10 from Ghost Baron (El Ruina de Memoria)
  • Blade Antelope's Horn Piece x15 from Blade Antelope (Deprimida Valley)
8. Talk to alchemist.
9. Go to B6 - Prison de Joaquin, Schivarliere. Kill Failed Subject in mission and investigate corpse to gather 5 test samples.
10. Return to alchemist
11. Go to E8 - Katovic Snowfield and talk to Derrick
12. Go back to Grace Bernelli.

Return of the Hero, Grace Bernelli
Items needed within the quest: 20x Sedative, 40x Ice Rufus Reaper's Wing
Reward: Expert G EXP Card x28
Version B1.0.7

1. Talk to Bernelli.
2. Go to E8 - Katovic Snowfield and talk to Derrick, Bernelli as leader.
3. Go back to Bernelli at Coimbra.
4. Go to Vegas Javier I5, complete Flower Girl's "Gardener" quest several times, until you gather 50 Yellow Flower. (15-17 flowers per quest). Give flowers to Bernelli.
5. Find Ein's tomb in Thueringen Lakeside C6.
6. Go back to Bernelli at Coimbra
7. Go to 'Strange Hut' in El Tejado Verde and talk to Dr. Torsche, Bernelli in group
8. Bring:
  • 20 Sedative (Byron, Alchemy 0-2 grade)
  • 40 Ice Rufus Reaper's Wing (Snowfield of the Ice Wizard)
9. Go back to Bernelli at Coimbra.
10. Defeat Elite Thief Morgan in Topolo Durga G6.

11. Go back to Bernelli at Coimbra.
12. Talk to Simon Ayende in Villa de Libertad, Bernelli in group.
13. Talk to Simon Ayende next day. (P.S.: i checked him 3 days)
14. Talk to Bernelli.
15. Bring to bernelli:
  • 10 Sedative
  • 20 Ice Rufus Reaper's Wing
16. Talk to Simon Ayende in Villa de Libertad, Bernelli in group. Accept combat mission
17. Talk to Simon Ayende.
18. Go to Government general of Bristia (Kielce F2), Bernelli in MCC
19. Talk to Simon Ayende.
20. Go to Government general of Bristia (Kielce F2)again. Accept story mission.
21. Go Kielce A/B4 (story mission).
22. Go Kielce J8 (story mission).
23. Enter "Red Hat" Pub and talk to Heyran. (Note: Talk to guard near entrance if need.)
24. Go to Kielce D8.
25. Talk to painter Elizabeth (Kielce K9)
26. Bring 15 Elizabeth's Color Paints (from mobs at Kielce: Night)
27. Go to Kielce F2 (story mission).
28. Talk to Heyran ("Red Hat" Pub). Last Task.


  1. Any tips on defeating Cherlyn?

  2. Cherlyn's damage is high, but slow ASPD. just need to survive the hit (my dr was 66 in +6 le noir fighter +3 dr), pot hard before the next hit, should be fine that way.

  3. On the point 23, how the heck i enter in the dam pub xD? do i have to have made Kielce quests in order to enter or what?

    1. Yes, you need to do Kielce quests

    2. Nah you need to talk to the guard on the left and they will let you go in

  4. After gathering the 50 yellow flowers, you first need to talk to Grace again before going to the tomb.
    Thanks for the guide! Awesome ^^

    McSplitter - Granado Espada Online

  5. How to get the 15 color paint?

  6. I've got a problem at Point 8.
    Nothing happens when I talk to Dr. Torsche, do I need to have finished Viki quest or something?

    1. I think, you need to finish Viki quest and his stance. Please reply if you already resolved your problem.

    2. just to be clear you don't need to recruit viki at all to get the quest. just talk to him again after re-entering the hut/relog in.

  7. There is bug in quest on fighting cherlyn and chimera. Lure the boss to E4 and use invisible potion. The boss will defeated automatically.

    1. damn, i wish i read this earlier before spamming pots on cehrlyn

  8. What do you have to do to trigger Return of the Hero? I finished the first part, but every time I speak to Grace she doesn't give me new quest.

  9. No waiting required now on step 13. Just warp to Port of Coimbra and it will trigger :)

  10. Also Step 8 should be the same as step 15. I think there is a typo

    1. Ah my bad. It isn't a typo, just that they changed the values required recently. Now step 8 is 20 of each and step 15 is 10 of each. Sorry for the confusion

  11. Hello i got a problem how do i trigger the heroes gathering quest?

  12. Use cherlyn to defeat cherlyn :) her golem can tank the chimera and cherlyn.

  13. any tips on defeating thief morgan?

    1. i used fyter with 69 dr peltast stance. he hits only 4k dmg which can be covered by valeria's heal

  14. too hard too defeat chimera >.< the bug's useless >.<

  15. Use LL for Chimera!!

  16. someone please... help me how to defeat Chimera

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