July 20, 2012

Selva Sub-quest

The nearest place to God
Prerequisite: finished Selva recruitment quest, Selva must be in MCC
Items needed within the quest: 30x Expedition's Memo
Reward: Veteran G EXP Card x5, Damaged Ancient Glazium x4
Version 10.6

1. Talk to Invierno (Frozen Plain D7)
2. Move to F2 - Ferruccio Wall.
3. Go talk with Leonora Rose (Bahama, Swamp of Eternity → Witch's House).
4. Exit Witch's House, walk in front door to start dialogue with Selva.
5. Go to D7 - Ustiur Base, talk to Key Crafter Etorven. Bring 30x Expedition's Memo and talk to him again.
6. Return to Leonora Rose.
7. Defeat Eva Sharon in mission (60 AR/DR). Talk to Sierra.
8. Talk to Leonora Rose.
9. Go to Byron and talk to alchemist Jenia. Bring 20x Vordoi's Heart to Jenia. (dialogue reference to the "Fullmetal Alchemist")

Return of the Hero, Selva & Edward
Prerequisite: Completed Selva, Kurt or Edward recruitment quests
Reward: Expert G EXP Card x30
Version B1.0.7

1. Go to Kielce D9 with Selva in MCC.
2. Go to Kielce B6
3. Go to Kielce E7
4. Go to Kielce C5 (story mission).
5. Go to Kielce J8 (story mission).
6. Go to Kielce B6 (story mission).
7. Go to Kielce D8 (story mission).
8. Go to Kielce F8
9. Move to barracks and return to Kielce to continue
10. Go to Kielce A6
11. Go to "Red Hat" Pub with Selva in MCC (story mission).
12. Go to "Red Hat" Pub with Selva in MCC (another story mission).
13. Go to Kielce L3. Destroy enemies in combat mission.
14. Go to "Red Hat" Pub with Selva in MCC

For Edward
Prerequisite: Completed "Return of the Hero, Selva & Edward", completed "Brestia Heroes", Orch's Request (initial), Victor (initial) quests
Reward: Expert EXP G Card x5, Small Portable Caborum, Small Portable Fish Sausage

1. Go to Kielce D8 with Selva in MCC (story mission).
2. With Selva in MCC talk to old book shop owner, Orch (A4).
3. Talk to Victor (D5)
4. Hunt for "Einwind's Armor Piece" at Castilla Tower of Chaos
5. With Selva in MCC talk to Victor.
6. Remove Selva from MCC and talk to Victor.
7. Bring:
  • Day 1: 10 Elementium
  • Day 2: 5 Silver Splinter (from Arctic Dracane)
  • Day 3: 10 Reinforced Leather
  • Day 4: 5 Silver Splinter
  • Day 5: 10 Reinforced Leather
  • Day 6: 5 Pebble
  • Day 7: 10 Reinforced Leather
  • Day 8: 5 Pebble
  • Day 9: 10 Reinforced Leather
  • Day 10: 5 Pebble
  • Day 11: 1 Veteran Glove Crystal
  • Day 12: 10 Reinforced Leather
  • Day 13: 1 Veteran Glove Crystal
  • Day 14: 5 Pebble
  • Day 15: ?


  1. either Edward nor Kurt must be recruited first.

  2. i can't continue with "For Edwart" part. i completed last part

    1. you have to enter kielce/ or relog with Selva in your MCC ^_^.

  3. i recruited kurt and done selva extended quest. but cant trigger the 'return of the hero' quest... -__-