July 20, 2012

Sharif Sub-quest

Box Appraisal Travel
Prerequisite: finished Najib Sharif recruitment quest, Najib Sharif must be in MCC
Items needed within the quest: -
Reward: Veteran G EXP Card x6
Version 10.6

1. Talk to Firearms Merchant - Sharif at Reboldoeux.
2. Talk to Vera (Reboldoeux D9)
3. Talk to Sharif
4. Go to Coimbra and talk to Serious looking person (H11)
5. Kill Thief Morgan to gain 10x Losted Gem and Thief Bony/Thief Leader to gain 20x Losted Valuables (You can find them at Topolo Durga)
6. Return to Serious looking person.
7. Speak with Vespanola Navy Officer (Byron F10)
8. Collect 50x Shiny Pearl at Scorching Plateau and return to Vespanola Navy Officer.
9. Defeat monsters in instance mission.
10. Talk to Vespanola Navy Officer to finish quest.

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