December 4, 2012

Catherine Expert Stance

Prerequisite: finished Catherine and Marie recruitment quest. Catherine or Catherine Torsche are not in MCC.
Items needed within the quest:
Reward: Veteran G Card x15, Stance Book
Version 10.14

1. Go to Dr. Torsche's Mansion, after finishing Mary recruitment quest .
2. Enter Catherine's room (Mansion, Reception Hall - I8). Talk to 'doll' Catherine.
3. Talk to Catherine Torsche.
4. Talk to 'doll' Catherine.
5. Bring 30 Lloyd's Neckties to 'doll' Catherine (Mansion, Annex).
6. Bring 30 Sasha's Dress pieces to 'doll' Catherine.
7. Bring 1 Steel Ball from Mighty Victorto 'doll' Catherine.
8. Talk to M'Boma.
9. Collect 50 Octopus Ink (Scorching Plateau) and talk to M'Boma.
10. Go to Torsche's Laboratory, talk with Dr. Torsche twice.
11. Go to Byron E10
12. Talk to Dr. Torsche
13. Go to Torsche's Laboratory E8 to start puzzle mission.
You need to find right door (portal). Kill monsters to gain 3 hints. More details of this part. Examples of hints:

14. Talk to Marie
15. Talk to 'doll' Catherine
16. Talk to Marie. Choose which stancebook you want:
  • [STR-Build] - Brandisharm
    1st day: Talk to 'doll' Catherine. Accept "Catherine of STR" mission and defeat her (10 minutes) (lv120, 65 AR/DR)
    2nd day: same
    3rd day: same
  • [DEX-Build] - Splitshooter
    1st day: Talk to 'doll' Catherine. Bring Shooting Weapon Crystal - Grade 30
    2nd day: Bring Shooting Weapon Crystal - Grade 31
    3rd day: Bring Shooting Weapon Crystal - Grade 32
  • [INT-Build] - Activator
    1st day: Talk to 'doll' Catherine and answer 5 questions correctly. Activator Q&A.
    2nd day: same.
    3rd day: Answer questions, talk to Catherine, talk to Dr. Torsche twice.
  • [CHA-Build/Marionette] - Puppet Master
    1st day: Collect Necktie of Lloyd (quest item) x50
    2nd day: Collect Dress Piece of Sasha (quest item) x50
    3rd day: Collect Steel Ball (quest item) x1


  1. Can you go back and pick another stance book if you have more than one Catherine Robot?

  2. quest for for each stance is different

    Split Shoter quest need take Catherine Range Weapon Crystal 30 grade, 31 grade, 32 grade

    1. yeah..but in STR CATH...i have killed the cath but i dont get anything from it..why?? should i pick cath or catherine in MCC??

  3. In Puppet Master Option she'll ask you for 50Lloyd's Neckties 50Sasha's Dress piece and 1 Steel Ball like First time. Sry for my bad english

  4. In Brandish Arm Option you'll need to fight her 1 time per day (3times-3days in total) walktrough here at 26:30 mins

  5. hi, can some1 do up a list on cath intel quest.. i cant access iahgames
    very much appreciated.. thanks in advance!

  6. By the way, as the individual said above, for Puppet Master, you had to kill Crown Lloyds first day, Lady Sashas second day, and Mighty Victor third day. (Unfortunately I can't remember if it was 50 or not, hopefully someone else can confirm that when they do it.)

    Thanks for linking my map! :D

  7. Puppet Master Section
    Day 1 - Collect Necktie of Lloyd (quest item) x50
    Day 2 - Collect Dress Piece of Sasha (quest item) x50
    Day 3 - Collect Steel Ball (quest item) x1

    Activator Section
    Activator Q&A

  8. Hey, for the Body Collection Part, your Step 13, the Warps are in fixed locations for each rooms, I've done the quest a few times are noticed, but if someone can verify would be nice. I did a lazy job if you wanna fix it go ahead. The first letter is the monster name, the second letter is the location of warp.

    L = Lloyd, S = Sasha, V = Viktor, N = North, E = East, W = West, S South.

    Ex. SS = Sasha South.

  9. <- Shortened it

  10. So, if you just have Marie in your team, but didn't complete the recruitment quest, you can't start this quest?

  11. The location for Step 13 is E8 of "Dr. Torsche's Mansion, The Grand Library", not "Torsche's Laboratory".

  12. Do I have to do marie and CT quest or I judt have to have the characters?

  13. Where can i get that steel ball (quest item)?

    1. In the Annex (same map where you collect Lloyds' necktie and Sasha's dress piece), find the boss Mighty Victor (only one spawn, will respawn an hour after death)

  14. Hello 2018 update for Puppet Master Expert Stance u can all do it in 1 day, and its 30 items each now. Boss Spinel bought at Ustiur as well!