August 16, 2011

Reboldoeux Pioneer Quests

All Pioneer Quest will come from Sir Lyndon
100% - v.6.7
1. Begin Pioneering
Prerequisite: Completed quests of Tutorial.

Reward: Pet Box (Koko), Lv. 1 F EXP Card (1,000 exp) x3, Warp scroll for Event x100, Shiny Crystal x1, Novice Teleport Scroll x30, Elemental Orb x100, Magical Orb x100, Mithridart x100, Analeptic Remedy x100, Nutrition x100, Painkiller x100, Portable Rifle Ammo Box x1, Family Reputation +40

1. Speak to Pioneer Officer (G7) (Christelle), she will show you Domingo's location (E8). Christelle will also start 3   UPC quests in Reboldoeux for you. Najib Sharif, Andre Janzur, Panfilo de Narvaez.
2. When speaking to Domingo select License Quotation to get the signature.
3. Return to Sir Lyndon for reward.
4. Speak to Pet Expert (H7) to add the Koko to the pet list (alt+P) and receive Pet Food x100

2. Ferruccio Junction Cleaning

Reward: 2,000 Vis, Lv. 10 F EXP Card (4,000 exp) x3, Shiny Crystal x1, Lucifer's Wing (30 day) x1, Lucifer's Wing (7 day) x1, Devil Wing (15 day) x1, Family Reputation +40

Task: Red Mandradora (0/10)
          Leaping Croc (0/10)

Details: Kill required monsters and return to Sir Lyndon.
3. Protect Ferruccio Statue

Reward: Lv. 20 F EXP Card (9,000 exp) x3, Shiny Crystal x1, Bellem's Box x3, Novice Hrin's Potion x10 (family level lower than 12 can use it), Family Reputation +40; You will auto join "GE Pioneering" faction.

Task: Old Weapon (0/1)
          Handmade Bomb (0/1)
          Anonymous Secret Letter (0/1)

1. Move to directly beneath the statue (F6).
2. Kill Corlien Dynamiter and Republican Clan Member for required items and return to Sir Lyndon.
4. Deliver a Secret Document

Reward: Shiny Crystal x1, Family Reputation +40

Task: Deliver the confidential document to the Pioneer Officer, Christelle.

Details: Of Christelle's quest replies, either will complete the task. Return the almanac to Sir Lyndon.
5. The Cleansing of Al Quelt Moreza

Reward: 5,000 Vis, Lv. 20 F EXP Card (9,000 exp) x3, Shiny Crystal x1, Novice Triumph Filler x10 (family level lower than 12 can use it), Family Reputation +50

1. All areas of Al Quelt Moreza dungeon offer seals from Pioneer Memorial hunts. Pioneer Memorial hunts also offer experience cards and family reputation as rewards.
2. Bring 3 Seal of the Pioneer Level 1 to Sir Lyndon.
6. Shadow Dilos Latemn

Reward: Lyndon's Letter of Recommendation, Stimulation scroll - Veteran (Event) x3, Shiny Crystal x1, Teleport Scroll for Novice x30, Family Reputation +50

1. Return to Al Quelt Moreza.
2. Enter and run through Al Quelt Moreza Nartex to reach Al Quelt Moreza Parsonage.
3. The first Siegmund you kill will spawn Shadow Dilos Latemn.
4. Return to Sir Lyndon.

This ends the Pioneering Quest for Reboldeoex. Continue quest at Port of Coimbra Pioneer Quests.
The following quests are required to complete various UPC quests in Reboldoeux.

1. A City Under Threat
Prerequisite: Completed Tutorial quests.

Reward: Lv. 1 E EXP Card (640 exp) x3, Shiny Crystal x1, Al Quelt Moreza Key, Family Reputation +50

1. Assist the Reboldoeux Soldiers in killing the monsters in this instance before the time expires.
2. Report to Domingo

2. The Source of the Taint
Prerequisite: Completed previous quest.

Reward: Lv. 10 C EXP Card (1,960 exp) x3, Shiny Crystal x1, Family Reputation +50

1. Use the key Domingo gave you on the door located at the east end of Al Quelt Moreza Parsonage.
2. Make way into the large room inside the instance. You will see 3 copies, 1 of which is the real Dilos Latemn, surrounded by a room full of monsters.
3. Kill Dilos Latemn before the timer expires.
4. Return to Domingo.
Optional Quest
1. Enchantment Merchant
Talk with Enchantment Merchant and receive Enchantment Chip Beginner x5.
Ask "Enchantment Guide", answer her question and receive Enchantment Chip Level 40 x1.
/answer Enchantment Tranquillizer

2. Enhancement Merchant, Idge Quiz
Talk with Idge and ask "How does Enhancement work?"
Answer her question and receive Hrin's Potion (Event) x10 (Hrin's touch buff for 1 hour). /answer: 5

3. Socket Merchant Quiz
Talk with Socket Merchant, ask "Use Guide.", answer her question and receive Topaz - Rumin (random?)
/answer: If failed to create the 2nd socket

4. Menedez Battle
Prerequisite: None

Reward: Lv. 40 G EXP Card (212,000 exp) x3, Shiny Crystal x3, Family Reputation +80

1. Talk to Menedez (H7).
2. Defeat the Reboldoeux Combat Squad
The NPC does not have a quest icon. The quest does not appear in log when accepted. In the combat instance defeat the 5 members of the combat squad before the timer reaches 0:00. Return to Menedez.

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