August 1, 2011

5 Elements - Otite Quest

Prerequisite : Completed Holy Water Chamber quest, Catherine Torsche recruitment quest

1. Log in at any major town to trigger "5 Elemental - Otite" Quest.
2. Go to Dr. Torsche Mansion Laboratory talk to Dr. Torsche to receive quest (Catherine Torsche as leader).
3. Go to Mission: Dr. Torsche's Mansion Basement (Dr. Torsche's Mansion, Savage Garden E2) and kill monsters named Greg (H9 or H4). Need at least 2 members to start mission and some Otite Pieces to buffs. You can get buff (reduce damage from monsters) by clicking magic crystals in rooms, each room have 2-3 crystals.
4. Return to Dr. Torsche once done
5. Trigger into an instant combat mission with Yufugen Furholden, defeat him and talk to Dr. Torsche
6. Go to Auch to receive new quest "Information About Furholden Family" talk to Lorch and receive "Letter Of Recommendation"
7. Go to Byron, speak to Lionel to finish the quest (talk to Captain, Ricardo (K6) Port of Coimbra)


  1. 1st Option or 2nd Option?
    I went first option,ask me to seal what victor,
    2nd,i went 2nd option,i died,unable to move due to some seal machine,
    Which? 1st option?
    Someone tell me T.T

  2. Why cant Talk to Dr. Torsche ?? Im finish it amp T_T

  3. me too i cant talk to dr.torsche

  4. quest still bugged cant talk to dr.torsche

  5. Hi dont warp in
    Use the green arrow and it will work

  6. enter lab from outside , dont use warp