August 26, 2011

Hidden Holy Water Chamber Quest

Prerequisite: Completed Chateau de Bourgogne Quest and Helena recruitment quest, Emilia/Emilia the Sage (any level), characters level Master

Reward: Damaged Ancient Glazium x3, Veteran Enchantment Chip x1, Veteran G EXP Card x3

1. Go to any major town to trigger the quest mail automatically.
2. With Emilia as team leader, go to Zeia and talk to Warrior Ania (H9).
3. Talk to Queen Hamaan (F3).
4. Talk to Queen Hamaan again and hand over lvl100 Enchantment Chips x3.
5. Go to Cite de Reboldoeux and talk to Andre Janzur (D8).
6. Go to B8 of Al Quetz Moreza, Narthex and click on the Holy Water Fountain to start an instanced mission. (This is a suicide mission.)
7. Return to Andre.
8. Go to City of Auch and talk to Vicente Rio (H6).
9. Talk to Lorch (H6).
10. Bring Pure Aidanium, Pure Quartz, Pure Ionium, Pure Talt 1000 (10pcs since v10.18?) piece each to Lorch to receive Furuholmen Shield Potion.
11. Return to Narthex and click on the Holy Water Fountain to start the instanced mission again. Within the mission:

  • Move to the next room to confront Ortega.
  • Consume the Furuholmen Shield Potion to remove the AR debuff.
  • Defeat Ortega. Ortega has the following stats:
Ortega (lvl125)
human / heavy / none / large
hp: 1,614,006
AR / ATK: 64 / 3081
DR / DEF: 64 / 201
RES: 75 all
  • Talk to Ortega to remove the rotating blades.
  • Move to the next room to confront and defeat Jurgen Furuholmen (aka Yufuegen Furuholmen). Jurgen has the following stats:
  • Listen to Montoro's speech and return to Ortega to complete the mission.
12. Go to Cite de Reboldoeux and talk to Andre Janzur.

Completion of this quest is required as prequisite for Catherine Torsche recruitment quest5 Elements - Otite Quest


  1. This quest has been updated recently. It's 10 pieces of each minerals instead, than 1000 pieces of it.

  2. Oh REALLY????????????????????????????????

    1. From Quest number 7 i cant see it what can i do ?

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