September 8, 2011

Catherine Torsche

Basic Information
Initial Level: 60
Promotion: +30 STR
Team: Dream of Torsche
Job Skill: High Tide
740 SP, 5 Ancient Star Orb
Self Buff
Cast 0, Action 2.3, Cooldown 60
Level 10: For 30 seconds change status to [Hiding], ATK +10%, Accuracy +10, DEF -10, Movement Speed -20%
Level 11: For 33 seconds change status to [Hiding], ATK +11%, Accuracy +11, DEF -11, Movement Speed -22%, Penetration +6, RES -15, AR +1, DR -1
Level 12: For 36 seconds change status to [Hiding], ATK +12%, Accuracy +12, DEF -12, Movement Speed -24%, Penetration +7, RES -15, AR +1, DR -1
Armor:Leather (Fighter)
Gloves:Gloves(Normal), Gloves(Leather)
Shoes:Boots(Normal), Boots(Leather)
Belt:Belt(Normal), Belt(Leather)
Weapon(s)Stance 1Stance 2Stance 3Stance 4Stance 5
2 × DaggerCorte DuplicadoRaid Assault (V)Death Chopping (E)

Recruitment quest
Prerequisite: Completed Holy Water Chamber quest, Catherine recruitment quest, Catherine of STR/DEX/INT/SUM (any one, any level)

Reward: Catherine Torsche Card, Expert EXP Card x3, Moon Stone x5, Damaged Ancient Glazium x3

1. Go to any major town to trigger the quest mail automatically.
2. Go to F4 of Dr. Torsche Mansion, Grand Library and walk over the middle of the room to trigger a non-combat instance.
3. Click on the green arrow leading to Dr. Torsche's Laboratory to start another non-combat instance. Within the mission, talk to Catherine.
4. With Catherine as team leader, go to D2 of Torsche Mansion Savage Garden and click on the green arrow leading to Torsche Mansion Basement to start a combat instance. The mission lasts for 1 hour. Catherine must not die in the mission: if she dies before first dialogue, it is instant Mission Failure without any chance for Soul Crystal or Resuscitation.

     Within the mission: move a few steps closer to the central room before buffing. The first room will be filled up with Rotating Blades after a few minutes. Defeat normal mobs while waiting for Catherine Torsche to appear. Mobs are lvl115 Lifeless with 57 AR/DR. There are 4 stairwells to the sides of the central room that serve as safe zones, so stay at those spots to avoid getting swarmed.
After some time (3-4 dialogue), Catherine Torsche will appear after a short cutscene.

Look for her, or stay at a stairwell and wait for her to look for you. Either way, reduce Catherine Torsche's hitpoints to critical level to trigger a second cutscene. Catherine Torsche has the following stats:

5. Return to Dr Torsche's Laboratory and talk to Dr. Torsche to receive Catherine Torsche Character Card.

Completion is required for : 5 Elements - Otite QuestMission: Dr. Torsche's Mansion Basement in v4.5+.


  1. sir how about if i didnt talk to catherine at the mission ? is there any chance i can continue the quest ?

    1. Nope. Hehe. The easiest way is to get DEX cath and set her to a Knee Shoot(or smth like dat) or train till expert-master.

  2. This quest is much easier if you have a muskateer with you and also you can buy 10k+ potions that increase your hitpoints by 10k for a while.

    1. Ya,and stay at the corner that spawns greg there
      Cath torsche will come and ambush you
      Btw,u can't let ur cath kneeling shot at entrance as the entrance will be closed soon in the mission

  3. Added info : If you kill catherine torsche during the mission it will fail.

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