August 26, 2011


Basic Information
Initial Level: 60
Promotion: +30 DEX
Team: The War of 3 Year
Job Skill: Trigger
100 SP, 3 Mithridart
Self Buff (trigger type)
Cast 0, Action 0.2, Cooldown 0
Level 10: Shoot ATK +15%, Critical +10 or Melee ATK +15%, Accuracy +10
Level 11: Shoot ATK +16%, Critical +11 or Melee ATK +16%, Accuracy +11
Level 12: Shoot ATK +17%, Critical +12 or Melee ATK +17%, Accuracy +12
Armor:Leather (Fighter)
Gloves:Gloves(Normal), Gloves(Leather)
Shoes:Boots(Normal), Boots(Leather)
Belt:Belt(Normal), Belt(Leather)
Weapon(s)Stance 1Stance 2Stance 3Stance 4Stance 5
RapierEpee GardeSabre Garde
Rapier + PistolAdvance Garde (V)
2 × RapierRapiere (E)
PistolAiming ShotFreestyle ShotSight Shot (V)
Pistol + RapierCroisement (E)
Go for +30 STR on promotion if you want use him with Rapiere stance.

Recruitment quest
Prerequisite: Completed Red Sunset Forest Quest, Completed Gavin Quest

Reward: Raven Character Card x 1, Medal of Honor B x 1, Veteran G EXP Card x 3, Epic Grade Glazium x 2

1. Go to Red Sunset Forest, and trigger a quest "Castle's butler Raven", move towards Raven (I6) & trigger a combat mission
2. In the combat mission, you'll need to defeat a Red Hair Fighter & 6 Fordoi and talk to Raven
3. After talking to Raven, proceed to Pradera de Ceniza (J7) to talk to 'A Mysterious Man' (Must Complete Gavin Quest to proceed)
4. Go back and talk to Raven with Gavin as leader
5. You'll need to choose between 2 Quest routes (Pay) or (Free) to proceed with Raven Recruitment Quest.

Path 1: Dr. Torsche Questline (Free but longer)
1. Talk to Dr. Torsche to trigger "A Method to lift Raven's Curse (1)
2. Collect "Piece - Holy Water" x 500 from Al Quelt Moreza - Nartex and talk to Dr. Torsche. Note: Piece - Holy Water drop from Elite Hell Hound, Elite Vedanobah and Striped Spider.
3. Collect "Piece - Otite" x 500 from Dr. Torsche Mansion - Reception Hall, talk to Dr. Torsche. Note: Piece - Otite drop from Haunted Candle, Lloyd, Sasha.
4. Collect "Piece - Corazon" x 500 From Bahamas, Underground Cave, talk to Dr. Torsche. Note: Piece - Corazon drop from Black Fish, Cave Jumping Fish, Spider Crab.
5. Collect "Piece - Stone Gas" x 500 from Tierra Putrefacta & "Piece - Rhodolite" from Occulta Fortress. Note: Piece - Stone Gas by killing Bacchanalia, Piece - Rhodolite by killing Kobold Elder.
6. Return back to Dr. Torsche with the 500 x Piece - Stone Gas & Piece - Rhodolite and you'll received a "Seal Ointment"
7. Go to Raven with the Seal Ointment to complete the Raven Recruitment Quest

Path 2: Lionel's Information (Pay with Growth stones but shorter)
1. Talk to Lionel at Viron town and received a new quest "Get Beronif's favor (1)"
2. Talk to Alchemist Beronif at Viron (F6) to receive quest
3. Go to Red Sunset Forest to hunt for "Garas Heart x 1" then talk to Alchemist Beronif
4. Go to Red Sunset Forest to hunt for "Vordi Horn x 50" then talk to Alchemist Beronif
5. Bring 3 x Growth Stone & 100 x Shiny Crystal to Alchemist Beronif to receive the "Seal Ointment"
6. Return to Raven with the Seal Ointment to complete the Raven Recruitment Quest

[Croisement] Stance Book
Prerequisite : Completion of Raven Recruitment Quest, with Raven in the team (any level)

Reward: Epic Grade Glazium x 1, Veteran G EXP Card x 3, Medal Of Honor A x 1, [Croisement] Stance Book x 1

1. You'll be given a quest upon completion of Raven Recruitment Quest
2. Select Raven in the team and head to Lucifer Castle Via Crow Forest
3. You'll be warp to a short combat mission to defeat some mobs Red Hair Fighter
4. After defeating them, you'll then be warp to Crow Forest map, now head to the end where Lucifer Castle is
5. Warp in to Lucifer Castle and you'll see a dialog pop out a few monster, move towards your far left and click on the green arrow.
6. Another combat instant which you need to defeat Gluttony, Red Hair Fighter and Raven
7. You'll be warp out to Crow Forest again after defeating them, now move to Lucifer Castle again to complete the quest.
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  1. This is impossible if you choose free because the drop rate is 1/6 so only millionares of vis can recruit him >_<

  2. I did it in 4 days of mild farming

  3. I picked the growth stone option. It costs only 2 now.

    1. Now the paid option requires 2 growth stones instead of free

  4. if me choose free , and then wan chnge to paid how ?
    can or not ?

  5. Now no growth stone cost, just choose between 100 shiny crystal & 5 moon stone, or 100 shiny crystal & 5 white gold bar for paid option instead..