August 29, 2011

Rio's Prelude Stance

Prerequisite : Vicente Rio (any level), completed Holy Water Chamber quest, completed Lorch Furholden and Vicente Rio recruitment quests

Reward: unlock Vicente Rio expert stance shop (Prelude stance)

1. Go to City of Auch and talk to the Firearms Merchant, Lorch (H6).
2. With Vicente Rio as team leader, go to Port of Coimbra and talk to the Ticket Agent (K6) to start a non-combat instance.
3. Go to City of Auch and talk to the Enhancement Merchant, Rio (H6).
4. Go to Zeia and talk to the Warrior Ania (H9).
5. Go into Occulta Dungeon and hunt various Kobold types for the three quest items:
Constellation Musical Note no.3 - Kobold Defender
Constellation Musical Note no.7 - Kobold Assaulter
Constellation Musical Note no.11 - Kobold Elder
6. Return to City of Auch and talk to Rio. The stance book for Prelude will be available from Rio at the cost of Symbol of Virgo x1 and Great Stones x3 (Great Stones x6 before v8.0) each henceforth. (No free stance book.)


  1. it's now x2 Growth stone and a Symbol of Virgo :)

  2. No, it's x2 Symbols of Virgo and x1 Growth Stone.

    1. i already confirmed it. he requires 2 G.stones and a virgo.

    2. X2 EJ and 1 virgo

  3. is the Bach Costume still available when you finish this quest? can anyone answer this?

  4. Now it is 2 Elemental Jewel and 1 Symbol of Virgo