September 20, 2011

Bai Hu

Basic Information
Initial Level: 40
Promotion: +30 STR
Team: Spirit of Martial Arts
Job Skill: Hwoarang Spirits
300 SP, 5 Mithridart
Self Buff
Cast 0, Action 2.6, Cooldown 60
Level 10: For 120 sec Mental ATK +125, Mental RES +10, 15% chance to inflict [Stun] on enemies for normal attacks
Level 11: For 126 sec ATK Rating +1, Mental ATK +135, Mental RES +11, 16% chance to inflict [Stun] on enemies for normal attacks
Level 12: For 132 sec ATK Rating +1, Mental ATK +145, Mental RES +12, 17% chance to inflict [Stun] on enemies for normal attacks
Armor:Leather (Fighter), Leather (Scout)
Gloves:Gloves(Normal), Gloves(Leather)
Shoes:Boots(Normal), Boots(Leather)
Belt:Belt(Normal), Belt(Leather)
Weapon(s)Stance 1Stance 2Stance 3Stance 4
KnukleThe Book of MindThe Book of Earth
GaiterThe Book of MindThe Book of Wind
Knukle + GaiterThe Book of EarthThe Book of WindThe Book of MindMartial Arts Compendium (E)

Recruitment quest
1. An Asian Martial Artist
Prerequisite: None, recommended level: 90

Reward: Family Reputation +50

1. Go to City of Auch and talk to Bai Hu.
2. Follow dilogue to be moved to a combat instance.
3. You cannot win this instance, let Bai Hu defeat you.
4. Speak to Bai Hu for reward.

2. A Question About Fritz
Prerequisite: Complete previous quest

Reward: Family Reputation +200

1. Given automatically at completion of previous quest.
2. Talk to Jean-Pierre.
3. Travel to Port of Bahia and talk to Feng Ling.
4. Travel to Port of Coimbra and talk to Irawain (G7).
5. Speak to Gracielo (H9).

3. Battle With Bai Hu
Prerequisite: Complete previous quest

Reward: Bai Hu Character Card,

1. Talk to Bai Hu.
2. Follow dilogue to be moved to a non combat instance.
3. Watch Bai Hu fight the other Martial Artist.
4. Fritz and Montoro will appear and exchange dialogue to end the instance.
5. Speak to Bai Hu.
6. Choose:
Path 1: pay him 25 Mystery Powders
Path 2: Travel to Prison de Joaquin, Gehenna Bridge, talk to Gatekeeper (G10) and enter corridor of Assize. Kill Dr. Fran Mothtein and return to Bai Hu.

10.6 Update
To kill Dr. Fran Mothtein you need to enter new daily mission "Corridor of Assize" at Coimbra Nimrod Bridge (need key to enter).


  1. How do you fight Dr. Fran? I dont see the Gatekeeper at all so I am really confused! D:

  2. where do i get the key?

  3. His STR and AGI were increased to 75.