September 21, 2011

Vicente Rio

Basic Information
Initial Level: 60
Promotion: +30 INT
Team: Settlers of 2nd Generation
Job Skill: Encore
300 SP, 10 Ancient Star Orb
Self Buff
Cast: 1, Action: 2.8, Cooldown: 180
Level 10: For 20 seconds All Musical Skills are cast at +1 Skill Level
Level 11: For 32 seconds All Musical Skills are cast at +1 Skill Level
Level 12: For ? seconds All Musical Skills are cast at +1 Skill Level
Weapon(s)Stance 1Stance 2Stance 3Stance 4
Bracelet of LightningPossession Lightning
2 × Bracelet of LightningPossession LightningEvocation LightningDomination Lightning (V)
LuteMinstrelSerenade (V)Prelude (E)

Recruitment quest
1. Minstrel Vicente Rio 1
Prerequisite: None

1. Go City of Auch (H6) and talk to Vicente Rio.
2. Select the 2nd option to begin quest.
3. Keep talking until he asks about the possession lightning stance book.
4. Select Give the Book to have quest added.
5. Go to the Master Guardian (City of Auch D6) and purchase a Possession Lightning Stance Book
6. Talk to Vicente again.
7. Follow dialogue and select Give the Manual.

2. Minstrel Vicente Rio 2
Prerequisite: Complete previous quest

Reward: Vicente Rio Character Card, Shiny Crystal x3, Family Reputation +90

1. Talk to Vicente Rio.
2. Select 2nd option to be transported to an instance.
3. After a few moments Vicente will appear.
4. Defeat him before the time expires.
5. Talk to Vicente again.
6. Select 2nd option to continue.
7. Continue until he asks his favor of you.
8. Give Vicente 20 Enhancement Boosters (Cash Shop item) or show him a +7 Pioneer's Combat Sword (level 80) to receive reward.

Serenade Stance Book
Objective: Serenade Stance Book
Prerequisite: veteran Vicente Rio with level 25 Minstrel

1. With Vicente as leader, talk to the Girl (City of Auch H9) to initiate the quest.
2. Return with an Avocado Sandwich. (Available from Lisa at Port of Coimbra.)
3. Talk to the Girl again.
4. Talk to Federigo. Take note of the password.
5. Move to the event trigger location (City of Auch D7) for an instanced mission involving combat with a group of lvl105 (52 AR/DR) mobs and a lvl110 (56 AR/DR) mini-boss.
6. Return to Federigo to receive a free Serenade Stance Book as reward. Additional Serenade Stance Books can be purchased from Vicente Rio.

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