February 24, 2013

Cruz Sub-Quest

Prerequisite: Completed Cruz recruitment quest, and Furious stance quest. Only Cruz in MCC.
Reward: Medal of Honor A, Veteran G EXP Card, 5 White Gold Bar

[Treasury Map] Cruz in MCC
0. Go to Byron to receive quest.
1. Go to Byron G5/G6, talk to thief Taikbin.
2. E2 Castilla, Base 1. You will be moved in combat mission.

3. Go to I6 of Tetra Ruins, Grand Corridor.
4. Talk to Billy at Castilla, Base 1.
5. Bring 1 Hard Pickaxe, 10 Iron Ore, 10 High Quality Wood
6. Go back to I6 of Tetra Ruins, Grand Corridor. Combat mission.
7. Go to El Lago de Tres Hermanas. Use "/where" command to find these coordinates: -24340, -17910, -4576. (Hint: D6)


  1. Man, i need finish Furious?

    1. If you can't start quest, then, yes need Furious.

  2. [Treasury Map] Cruz in MCC

    What's that? A new map? The quest is received when we enter Byron?

  3. Yes, after completing his recruitment and stance quest, enter Byron.