February 19, 2013

Raven Sub-Quest

Prerequisite: Completed Raven, Gavin recruitment quests, Croisment stance quest
Reward: Veteran B EXP Card x30, Veteran G EXP Card x5
Version 10.18

1. Go to Byron Red Sunset Forest and talk to Raven
2. With Raven in MCC go to Pradera Ceniza J8 and talk to Gavin.
3. Talk to Adelina in Coimbra
4. Go to Coimbra C9. Defeat Coimbra Footman (65 ar/dr) in combat mission.
5. Talk to Adelina
6. Talk to Claire in Auch
7. Go hunt this items in Swamp of Eternity:
  • Lorch's Tooth
  • Amber Bees's Poisonous Sting
  • Escudo Prefer's Anchor Piece
8. Talk to Claire
9. Talk to Princess Gabriella
10. Talk to Girl (Cite de Reboldoeux D8)
11. Bring 25 King Snail's Mucus to Girl (Swamp of Darkness and Marshlands)
12. Go back to Princess Gabriella
13. Talk to Elisa in Castilla, Base 1
14. Go to Castilla Mine with Raven in MCC. Kill Phobitan General to receive quest item.
15. Talk to Elisa.
16. Talk to Daria (Byron G7)
17. Talk to Raven.

Return of the Hero, Raven & Gavin
Items needed within the quest: 20x each strange cogwheel, strange spring, strange clock equipment, strange tube and strange hinge.
Reward: upgraded Rumin Refinery, Expert EXP G EXP Card x10, Legendary Frozen Marlin Polearm costume
Version B1.0.7

1. Move to Kielce.
2. With Gavin in MCC talk to Raven (Red Sunset Forest)
3. With Gavin and Raven in MCC go to Lucifer Moonlight Garden G4. (they can be dead)
4. Go to K7 Lucifer banquet Hall, Gavin and Raven in MCC
5. E11 Death Corridor
6. Talk to Raven with Gavin in MCC
7. With Gavin in MCC talk to backstreet merchant in Auch J7
8. Return to Raven
9. With Gavin and Raven in MCC talk to Panfilo de Narvaez
10. Hunt for these items:
  • Garim's Heart
  • Queen's Eater's Egg from Rafflesia mission
  • Vergo the Cursed's Back Leg from Vergo the Cursed mission
11. With Gavin and Raven in MCC talk to Panfilo.
12. Move to Byron E8.
13. Hunt for these items:
  • 10 Gehcos's Heart (Torsche's Mansion, Savage Garden)
  • 10 Eltetah's Tree Root (Katovic)
  • 10 Arctic Wolf's Hind Leg
14. With Gavin in MCC move to Byron E8.
15. Go to Auch H6 (near Karjalainen, Gavin in MCC).
16. Go to Auch in front of Market Manager with Gavin and Raven in MCC.
17. Go to Auch E5 in front of Rumin Refinery.
18. Talk to Claire.
19. Provide 20 each strange cogwheels, springs, clock equipment, tubes and hinges.
20. Go to Auch E5 in front of Rumin Refinery.
21. Go to Port of Coimbra (Gavin and Raven in MCC).
22. Talk to Alejandro.
23. Go to Coimbra J6, story mission.
24. Talk to Alejandro.
25. Go to Kielce D8.


  1. where can i get Queen Eater's Egg? and Vergo the Cursed Back leg?

    1. not that good at reading are you

    2. Lol get your facts straight he may not be good at reading but he speaks truth about the quest this should be changed

    3. At this level, you should already know where Queen Eater and Vergo are duh.

    4. omg why i am replying to myself >.< , in such a bad manner O30

  2. the girl is in C8, not G8

  3. hello the vergo cursed and rafflesia mission from fury or the one in coimbra bridge???