February 15, 2013

Jack Sub-Quest

Return of the Hero, Jack
Prerequisite: Completed Jack, Angie recruitment quest, Angie sub-quest
Items needed within the quest: -

[Legendary Millitary Engineer]
1. With Jack in MCC go to Kielce
2. Enter the Government General of Bristia and talk to Olivia (without Angie or Jack).
3. Talk with Jack in Stone Pit
4. Talk to Angie in Queen's Gate
5. Go to Castilla Mines E/F7 with Angie in MCC.
6. Talk to Angie in Queen's Gate
7. Kill in Bahama Area:
  • 20 Taurus (Marshlands)
  • 20 Jumping Fish (Swamp of Darkness)
  • 30 Lorch (Swamp of Eternity)
8. Return to Angie
9. Talk to Jack with Angie in MCC
10. Talk to internal investigation department, captain Dope (Kielce D7). Jack in MCC.
11. Talk to captain Dope again.
12. Go to Red Hat Pub and talk to Olivia
13. Defeat all monsters in combat mission
14. Talk to Olivia in Government General of Bristia.
Talk to William to receive reward for hunting missions in Kielce:Night. Government General of Brestia Favor points will be helpful in future quests.
15. {need 50 favor points} With Jack in MCC talk to Olivia.
16. {need 100 favor points} With Jack in MCC talk to Olivia.
17. With Jack in MCC go to J9 Kielce: Night, you will be moved to battle mission.
Need to reduce Jurgen's HP to half.
18. Enter Red Hat

Stone Pit Manager Jack
Prerequisite: completed "Return of the Hero, Jack"

1. Go to D9 Kielce with Jack in MCC
2. Talk with Jack in Stone Pit, {cutscene}, talk to him again
3. Bring 10 money bags for 1 - 100.000 Vis
4. Check Notice Board at Reboldoeux (G7)
5. Get this quest items:
  • Argus's Parasite 1
  • Einwind's Nail 1
6. Talk to Jack.
7. Bring 50x Maid Uniform pieces to Jack.


  1. wow.. you can totally finish this whole quest in 1day now...

  2. i cant trigger the quest in D9 kielce...is there any pre-req. in this plss help tnx

  3. i cant start stone pit either...im done with the return of the hero jack

  4. Hello i think im lost i cant trigger the Brestia Heroe's Gathering quest ...SGE

  5. Step 15/16 changed to 10/50 Favor rate instead of 50/100. Do able in a day.

  6. After 50x Maid uniform pieces, you also need 50x Sasha dress pieces.

    1. nope, just maid

    2. Acctually, you need dress piece as of now

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